“Captain Marvel” (PG-13) Marvel’s first stand-alone movie for a female superhero stars Brie Larson as Carol Danvers. She’s a human test pilot with no memory of her previous life, who’s been trained by a race of blue aliens to fight shape-shifting green aliens called the Skrull. Samuel L. Jackson has a larger role in this pre-Avengers movie. The action takes place in the ’90s, so when she returns to Earth and meets Nick Fury for the first time, he still has his hair and both of his eyes. He’s also digitized to look younger. Clark Gregg rides shotgun for Fury as his MCU character Agent Coulson, and Jude Law plays a warrior who mentors Captain Marvel in space. Annette Bening is also in it and has a major role in the origin story of how Carol Danvers gets her powers.
As you probably know, this is the first MCU movie to hit theaters since Stan Lee died in November. So in addition to his regular cameo, “Captain Marvel” also opens with a touching tribute.

“The Kid” (R) Vincent D’Onofrio directs this western about a boy and his sister who bond with Billy the Kid just before Pat Garrett takes him into custody. They’re on the run from their uncle, Chris Pratt, because the boy shot their dad after he beat their mom to death.
Ethan Hawke plays Pat Garrett, Dane DeHaan is Billy, Vincent D’Onofrio’s daughter Leila George plays the kid’s sister, and D’Onofrio makes a cameo as someone trying to claim the reward on Billy the Kid’s head for himself.

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