A 13-year-old kid named Kacper Krauze recently fell into a coma after he was pulled from a freezing river in northern England back in February.
But he snapped out of it three weeks later . . . after his mom sprayed him down with his favorite AXE BODY SPRAY scent.
Technically, it was Lynx body spray. That’s the brand name Axe uses in the U.K., but it’s the same product.
His mom says she’d already tried to wake him up by talking to him, and playing his favorite music. And nothing worked. But as soon as he got a big whiff of the body spray, he opened his eyes.
He came out of the coma on March 7th, and he’s still having a few issues with his speech, and using his right hand. But otherwise, he’s made a full recovery.
He says he’s always loved Axe body spray, and plans to wear it for the rest of his life after this. He called it his, quote, “lucky charm.” (The Sun / Metro / Daily Mail) (Here are some photos of Kacper.)

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