As UNJUST as the ending of the NFC Championship game was, I think we all know there’s not going to be a do-over.  But the people of New Orleans aren’t giving up without a fight. Someone started a petition on to make the Saints and the Rams replay the game this Sunday.
They have a goal of a million signatures, and as of last night, they had more than 680,000.Meanwhile, a Louisiana lawyer who calls himself “The Strong Arm of the Law” has filed a civil lawsuit against the NFL. Entertainer Harry Connick Jr. says he’s boycotting watch the Super Bowl.  BUT….Did Saints fans forget a couple of plays earlier in the 4th Quarter that were blown calls against the Rams?

On Jared Goff’s scramble in the fourth quarter, the officials missed a clear face-mask penalty. Two plays later, the Rams settled for a field goal instead of having first-and-goal from inside the 2.

Lets not forget Brandin Cooks’ 36-yard touchdown, which set up Todd Gurley’s touchdown run, P.J. Williams grabbed a handful of the receiver’s face mask. It wasn’t called, and not that it would’ve impacted the game, but it should’ve been a penalty. These 2 teams played one hell of a game. It’s a shame a ref’s blown call it what everyone is talking about. Point is, it happened to both teams.

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