For some beer drinkers this story may seem too good to be true! An Ohio man didn’t eat any food for 46 days. Instead, he spent Lent downing craft beer. Del Hall, who says he drinks beer for a living, works at Cincinnati’s Fifty West Brewing Company. Hall wasn’t buzzed because he spaced out the alcoholic beverages throughout each day. The army veteran lost 44 pounds over the course of about 40 days after being inspired to try an old Catholic tradition.
“Being a beer guy, you always hear this story about the monks in Bavaria, like in the 1600s, that they gave up all solid food for Lent and they only drank this special kind of beer that they called doppelbock. It’s got a lot of nutrients in it, a lot of carbohydrates, and a lot of sugar.” He added: “And I always wondered: Is that real? Can you really do that or not? So I decided I’d give it a whirl this year and try it out for myself.”
Hall documented his journey on social media, giving updates daily and tracking his weight. The beer connoisseur said craft beer is better than the “standard American fast food diet.” He was constantly monitored by a doctor during his fast to make sure his health was sound. “My health is so much better. My blood pressure. My cholesterol. Everything has improved over what I was eating before of the standard American diet,” Hall added. “Craft beer is the way to go.” Meet Del and check out his story here thru Fox News.

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