What would it take for you to abandon your cell phone for a significant period of time? Internet service provider Frontier Communications has launched its “Flip Phone Challenge,” just in time for the 30th anniversary of the first Motorola phone with a clam shell design, the MicroTAC, that was created in 1989. The challenge requires someone to go without their smartphone, and to only use a flip phone for a whole week. The winner will get $1,000, and Frontier is also throwing in a “survival kit” to make it easier, which includes a pocket phone book, a notepad and pen, and a few 90s-era CDs. If you’re chosen to take on the challenge you’ll have to log your experience, including how long it takes you to do basic tasks (like texting), how many times you wish you could Google something, and how many hours you slept. You can apply online here thru Yahoo.

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