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Luke Combs‘ new signature line of Crocs made their debut exclusively at CMA Fest last week in Nashville.

If you’re still hoping to get your hands — or feet, rather — on a pair of the foam clogs, the North Carolina native is in favor of continuing the collaboration.

“I don’t see why not,” Luke says. “Obviously, I would love that.”

“I don’t like necessarily wearing socks and shoes when I’m at home,” he explains. “But when I go outside or out in the yard or in the Polaris or whatever, [Crocs are] super-easy and comfortable to slip on…”

Luke believes the company approached him after they spotted him wearing Crocs designed by another musical phenomenon.

“I think I put up a tweet or something wearing the Post Malone Crocs in the studio when I was recording some music,” he recalls. “And they kinda just reached out after that and were like, ‘Do you wanna do it?’. So it was kind of like an awesome coincidence, I guess.”

The “Beer Never Broke My Heart” hitmaker not only designed his Crocs, he also came up with their accompanying accessories, known as Jibbitz.

“Now Jibbitz designer can go on my resume…” he jokes. “One of the first guitars I taught myself to play on was a guitar that a buddy of mine gave me in college. And I ended up covering it in a bunch of stickers. And it’s actually in an exhibit at the [Country Music] Hall of Fame right now. But the Crocs are based off of that guitar.”

Even if Luke’s fiancée, Nicole Hocking, insists she’s not a fan of the footwear, he’s not buying it.

“Listen, she loves Crocs. Don’t let her lie to you. She just tries to be cooler than me all the time,” Luke laughs.

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