Does DIERKS BENTLEY have a face for television? I guess so because he’s in the development stage on two different shows. He talked about it in a recent interview with CMT. Quote, “I’m working on a couple of shows.
“One is going to be about the Hot Country Knights. It’s more of a ‘Spinal Tap’ meets ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ type of situation.” (Hot Country Knights is Dierks’ ’90s cover band that you may have seen opening at his shows.)
That sounds like a reality show where Dierks and the Knights would be performing and interacting with people in live situations.
But he might have to do some actual acting in the other show, which he says is like the sitcom “Cheers”. It’s set in a fictional Nashville bar where musicians and other Music City types deal with stuff happening in the record business.
He’s collaborating with one of the writers from “Modern Family” so that has the potential to be pretty funny. If it ever airs.
He adds, quote, “I’m learning a lot about the TV business. It’s like having a song on hold. You write a song, and somebody puts it on hold, but that doesn’t mean that it’ll make the record. It’s a long ways to go. We will see.” Check out the complete interview from CMT here.

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