Dierks Bentley is a busy man, and he’s always got something new going on in his life and career. Not only is he a singer-songwriter-entertainer, but he’s a bar owner (Whiskey Row) with several locations, a husband, father and so much more. He’s also an Executive Producer of a new Fox TV project that he hopes gets picked up by the network.
In order to commit what little spare time he has, Dierks says he has to be “all in,” and as he tells us, he definitely is for this foray into TV. “I think I’ve learned over the years and having kids and being busy this life comes down to a really big YES or it’s just a no. I’ve been presented with a lot of reality TV opportunities and commercials and stuff, and through that basis of yes and no and searching for the big YES in life, I’ve been able to make those decisions pretty clearly, usually no. But this came along, and I love the idea of it. It’s kind of like Cheers TV show meets Nashville. What I saw initially was so funny, and Executive Producer is a great role for me because I don’t have to be on camera and I don’t have to go to L.A. every weekend. That worked out well with my family and with my music, and I was like, ‘Yes. I’m all in.”

Dierks is reportedly also be at the helm of a reality television show based on his ’90s cover band, Hot Country Knights. You can catch those guys on tour as part of Dierks’ current Burning Man tour. He Took to Instagram for a Behind the Scenes of the band.


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