ABC/Image Group LA Five-year-old Knox Bentley may be the star of his dad’s music video for “Living,” but Dierks says his son hasn’t let it go to his head.

“He’s been pretty good about it,” Dierks reveals. “He really did a good job of acting in that video. He was, like, a total pro. And I was coming off a three-day run and I was tired the first day… It was actually a three-day shoot. And he just, he carried the crew. He was funny. He was great.”

“But no, he hasn’t talked about it too much,” he adds, “which I think is good.”

But Dierks’ daughters — 10-year-old Evie and 8-year-old Jordan — are another story.

“My other two, my ten and eight-year-old, they talk about it a lot,” he says, “because they’re like ‘When’s it my turn to do a video with you?’”

“Now they have their own songs picked out…Jordan wants to go mountain climbing for the song ‘The Mountain.’ And so it’s caused me some problems on that front,” Dierks admits.

Even though he’s pleased with Knox’s performance in the “Living” video, Dierks confesses it’s made him a little bit skittish about more screen time for his kids.

“I really saw in that video shoot how you could be, like, a child star and get in all sorts of problems,” he explains. “You know, you’re giving him Skittles to kind of keep the energy going.”

“I can see how in a few years that might be a bump or two to kinda, you know,” he trails off. “So I’m glad it’s just like ‘We’re gonna get out of this now before it gets bad.’” 

You can check out the “Living” video on YouTube now.

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