Disney’s new live-action “Dumbo” movie won the box office this weekend with $45 million . . . but that was at the LOW-END of Disney’s projections, especially since it reportedly cost $170 million to make. It made another $71 million overseas, but that’s still just $116 million. WCCQ’s Roy Gregory checked out “Dumbo” at our exclusive showing this past Sunday @ the E-magine Theater in Frankfort. Here’s his take on the movie:

“Tim Burton was a perfect choice to bring this movie to life. None of the animals talk, instead the story revolves around Dumbo’s care takers. The cast is outstanding (Danny Devito, Michael Keaton, & Colin Farrell) but the computer generated Dumbo steals the show.  There are some similarities to the original animated version, but this is a completely different twist set just after World War 1. All I can say is bring your box of Kleenix you will need it!”

Here’s the rest of the box office for the final weekend of March:

1. NEW: “Dumbo”, $45 million
2. “Us”, $33.6 million. Up to $128.2 million in its 2nd week.
3. “Captain Marvel”, $20.5 million. Up to $353.8 million in its 4th week.
4. “Five Feet Apart”, $6.3 million. Up to $35.9 million in its 3rd week.
5. NEW: “Unplanned”, $6.1 million

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