ABC/Image Group LA Next week during CMA Fest, Walker Hayes is inviting his fans to work out with him to raise money for his Be a Craig Fund, named for the friend who helped him out when he really needed it.

The “You Broke Up with Me” hitmaker has no trouble admitting he’s a hardcore fitness fanatic.

“It’s the first thing I do every single day, if I am in control,” he reveals. “Some days obviously there’s not time for it, or I would have to get up at four or five, and I pass on the gym.”

“But the first thing I do on the road,” he adds, “is I text my tour manager and say, ‘Hey, what are our gym options today?’”

The father of six got super-serious about working out once he decided to give up alcohol.

“You know, I traded drinking for working out three years ago…” Walker tells ABC Radio. “As soon as I quit drinking, I found myself with so much time — and money — on my hands. I didn’t realize I was spending so much time consuming alcohol or hanging with friends and drinking for really no reason… I needed a healthier addiction.”

Walker says that’s just fine with his wife Laney.

“My wife supports it fully,” he explains. “There are days when I come home, and I’m just feeling kinda in a funk, and she’ll go, ‘Go work out, and then come home. And then we can talk about it,’ you know. Because she knows the… positive effect working out has on me.”

“And I love the goals,” he adds. “I love being able to look in the mirror and see results.” 

Walker’s new single, “Don’t Let Her,” is a tribute to his wife.

You can find out more about his CMA Fest workout online.

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