Geno Brien to Leave Midday Show, Spend More Time With Family

After 8 years, longtime midday host Geno Brien will be stepping down as host of the 10am-2pm show on WCCQ. Geno explained his decision, “I have decided to spend more time with family.  I have an opportunity to devote more to my wife and daughter, as well as my mother and extended family.  I have been with the station for 8 wonderful years.  I have pushed boundaries, stepped on toes, incited debate and engaged this wonderful community and audience for two decades.  I may be leaving the mid-days.  But luckily, the powers that be have offered me a regular stint on the weekends.  So I can still stay connected, and still be part of this, simply put, groovy community. ” 

Geno will still be entertaining us on Saturday afternoons. His last day as host of the midday show will be this Friday March 22nd.

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