Today is Earth Day. A new survey for Earth Day found 62% of us are worried we’re not recycling right, because we don’t know what can and can’t be recycled.

68% of us think used plastic utensils can be recycled.  And technically, they can.  But it costs too much.  So most recycling plants won’t do it.

And 53% of us think greasy pizza boxes should go in the recycling bin.  But they can’t be recycled either.  Here are five more recycling stats for Earth Day . . .

Here are some tips from Homewood Disposal Services about the do’s and don’ts of recycling. (thanks to Theresa Hammond for sharing!)

The contamination of “good” recyclables puts the entire recycling process at risk. With this simple guide, your recycling will continue to make a difference for our planet. After all, Basic Recycling is Better Recycling.™

Bad Recycling Ruins Good Recycling

Keep recyclables loose in your cart.

Don’t Bag Your Recyclables

Bagged recyclables cannot be sorted. Please keep recycling items loose your cart and keep all plastic bags out.

Rinse & Clean Recyclables

Soiled and wet recyclables can spoil an entire load of clean recyclables. Please empty contents and lightly rinse containers before recycling.

No Plastic Bags

Grocery bags, sandwich bags, and any type of film plastic cannot be recycled at sorting facilities.

Click here to learn more Recycling Do’s & Don’ts.

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