“Glass” (PG-13) The latest effort from M. Night Shyamalan is a sequel to two of his previous movies . . . the 2000 superhero movie “Unbreakable” and the 2016 horror thriller “Split”. The movie starts out with Bruce Willis’ character from “Unbreakable” hunting James McAvoy’s character from “Split”. But the fight between David Dunn and The Beast draws too much attention and gets them both locked up in a mental institution. From there, it plays out as a psychological thriller with Sarah Paulson trying to convince them and fellow patient Samuel L. Jackson that superheroes don’t exist . . . while Mr. Glass manipulates McAvoy into unleashing the Beast to help him escape.

“An Acceptable Loss” stars Tika Sumpter as a former national security advisor who risks her life to expose the cover-up of a military bombing that killed thousands of people under false pretenses. Jamie Lee Curtis is the politician trying to stop her.

“Adult Life Skills” stars Jodie Whittaker from “Doctor Who” as a depressed woman in her late 20s who’s hiding from the world by living in a shed in her mother’s garden and making silly videos with her thumbs.

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