Mercury NashvilleBilly Currington is paying close attention to the “Details” in his new single.

The Georgia native may also be doing some of the very best singing of his career so far, on the seductive, soul-infused, summertime song. 

“I’m completely focused on every/5’7”, 3/8 inches of you baby/How the salt in the air makes your hair kinda wavy/How you’re tongue-tied when you mix wine/With the Gemini,” Billy sings.

“Baby I memorized/Every brown sugar freckle that the Lord put on ya/How you lean to left, 45 degrees, right before/You’re gonna kiss me/If you can’t tell/I’ve been paying close attention to your details,” he continues. 

ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel even gets a shout-out in the song’s second verse.  

“Details” is likely the lead single from Billy’s next album, his first since 2015’s Summer Forever.

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