If you’re like most people, you’ll probably never be able to afford actually going to the Super Bowl.
CNBC tried to take a stab at figuring out how much it costs, but there are COUNTLESS variables, including fluctuating ticket and lodging prices, not to mention different travel expenses depending on where you’re coming from. And then there’s how much you’d pay on food and entertainment.
But here’s what they came up with for this year’s Big Game:
1. Getting into the game: $3,475 to $15,925. As of last night, tickets on the SECONDARY market were going for between $3,800 and $35,000.
2. Transportation to Atlanta: $64 to $220
3. Lodging: $300 to $1,422
4. Food: $70 to $125
5. Getting around town: $19 to $110
6. Entertainment: $0 to $285.
So according to those estimates, you’re looking at a grand total between: $3,928 and $18,087. Here’s the complete breakdown from CNBC.

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