Patrick TracyIf you’ve listened to the radio at all since 2007, you probably know Colbie Caillat‘s breakthrough, platinum-selling smash, “Bubbly.” Now, the California singer has a new country band named Gone West and a new country single called “What Could’ve Been.”

On Thursday night, you can check out the new band as they make one of their biggest appearances so far: Performing on on PBS’ annual Independence Day concert special A Capitol Fourth.

The group includes Colbie; her fiancé, Justin Young; her longtime collaborator, Jason Reeves, and his wife, Nelly Joy

I’ve done other things, like, Christmas in Washington and performed at the White House when Bushwas there and then a couple times with Obama,” Colbie tells ABC Radio. “But this, we’re excited about, especially Nelly. She grew up in Virginia and so the Capitol Fourth is something that she was just raised, like, right near…watching it. So she’s extra excited.”

Colbie admits she’s somewhat regretful that appearing on the show means that she and Justin will miss out on her family’s annual gathering on the lake, which includes boating and fireworks.  She also notes that Nelly and Jason won’t be able to throw their annual Independence Day bash on their nine-acre property in Nashville.

“All cool things, but it’s pretty cool being at the Capitol building,” she laughs. “Y’know, this is something that we’ve never experienced before. It’s truly an honor.”

A Capitol Fourth is just one of several exciting things Gone West has lined up this month, including headlining shows and a July 15 Live with Kelly & Ryan appearance to debut their new single. 

“It’s a fun month,” says Colbie. “We’re really excited.”  

Lee Brice is also set to sing on A Capitol Fourth. It airs Thursday, July 4 at 8 p.m. on PBS.

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