BBR Both Blake Shelton and Sheryl Crow have revealed they’re no longer focused on albums as their main way to deliver music, since it seems fans have more of an appetite for singles in the digital age.

But ACM Entertainer of the Decade Jason Aldean hopes to keep making full albums as long as he can.

“I’ll make ’em as long as I feel like people are buying ’em,” he says candidly. “If it ever gets to a point…where…we’re spending all this time to make a record that nobody really cares about, and all they really want to hear is the singles… I think you have to re re-evaluate a little bit.” 

In the days when new music came out earlier in the week instead of on Fridays, there was no question where Jason would be.

“I couldn’t wait to go every Tuesday to the record store… and buy whatever was out,” the Georgia native recalls, “and go home and look at the liner notes…”

“I just was wired like that,” he adds. “That was just my age group of people and that’s how we did it.”

Jason admits he has a hard time thinking about making music without recording full albums.

“I enjoy gettin’ in the studio, gettin’ in a groove, when you’re in there cutting eight songs in two days,” he explains. “And you get locked in the stuff. And I don’t know how you do that [otherwise].”

“You go in every few months and cut one song?” he asks. “That just sounds like it sucks to me. That’s not the way I would like to make music. It’s not why I got into it.”

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