Columbia NashvilleMaren Morris is a happier, healthier “Girl” these days, after working on both her body and her mind, she reveals in the article that accompanies her June cover of Women’s Health magazine.

In addition to watching what she eats and working out with Carrie Underwood’s trainer Erin Oprea, the Texas native has also given up smoking.

“It used to be such a stress reliever,” Maren admits. Ultimately, she realized the cigarettes were affecting her vocals.

“It’s a gift to sing well and make people emotional, so I don’t take it for granted,” she explains.

Even though she’s a Grammy-winner who’s currently headlining her own world tour, Maren still battles her nerves as she prepares to face a crowd.

“It’s stage fright. Some parts of it never go away,” she tells Women’s Health. “When I get out there and relax into it, I’m fine.”  

Maren also confesses Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s recent version of A Star is Born resonated so much with her — and her husband, fellow singer/songwriter Ryan Hurd — she decided to talk to someone about it.  

“I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I had to go to therapy,” Maren says candidly. “Not the substance abuse part, but there were things that happened to [Lady Gaga’s] character that happened to me.”

“That movie rocked us both,” she continues. “We were like, ‘We can never end up like this. Cool?’”

You can read more in the June issue of Women’s Health, which hits newsstands May 28.

The title track of Maren’s sophomore album, Girl, is currently only one spot away from country’s top ten.

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