ABC/Mark LevineOld Dominion has transformed themselves from a bar band into the CMA and ACM Vocal Group of the Year.  And one of major signs of their success is that they’ve also transitioned from a van to a fleet of motor coaches.

In a new article titled “A Tour of the Tour Buses,” the New York Times contrasts OD’s mode of travel with that of indie rock band Screaming Females, who are still traveling by van.

OD’s Geoff Sprung says van or bus, touring’s definitely a bonding experience.

“The same five guys have been in a van and now this bus for over a decade,” he explains. “You’re in those close quarters together a couple hundred days a year.”

“Because of that environment,” Geoff continues, “I had to learn everyone’s idiosyncrasies and quirks because you either celebrate it or it drives you crazy.”

Matthew Ramsey remembers dreaming of the day OD could graduate to a more comfortable travel situation.

“Living in Nashville when we were struggling, there’s buses everywhere,” he says. “You see them all the time. It’s this benchmark that you shoot for.”

“Now we’re traveling with four buses, with our crew. We’ve crossed into a point where it’s ridiculous and mind-blowing.” 

Matthew also reveals some of OD’s on-the-road indulgences.

“We have moments where we fly sometimes. One of the best things is when the bus can pick us up at the airport. Because it’s like your home coming to pick you up. Our beds are there, all the food we like is there.”

“I definitely love good coffee so I’ve turned everybody into coffee snobs,” he adds. “That happened in the van. I started bringing a French press in the van.”  

Old Dominion’s self-titled, third album is set to arrive October 25.

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