ABC/Image Group LAIn retrospect, Reba McEntire thinks cutting Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy” was a misstep.

“We had done that for [Unplugged on CMT in 2010],” she tells Billboard, “and the record label really wanted me to record it and put it out as a single.”

“I didn’t feel real good about it,” Reba admits. “It wasn’t that successful. The people in the music industry, they’re professionals, and sometimes you have to go with the team. It just didn’t work out.”

“If I Were a Boy” was the second single from Reba’s 2010 All the Women I Am album. While the record’s first release, “Turn on the Radio,” made it all the way to number one, the Beyonce cover only reached #22.

You can read more from Reba in a new Billboard article, as the publication honors her with its Trailblazer Award.

Reba’s new album, Stronger Than the Truth, came out in April.

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