The NCAA found the guy who has the PERFECT March Madness bracket . . . he’s got the first 48 games correct, leading into the Sweet Sixteen. This has NEVER happened before, among brackets filed officially at least.
His name is Gregg Nigl, and he’s a 40-year-old neuropsychologist who lives in Columbus, Ohio. He said he didn’t even realize he had a perfect bracket until the NCAA contacted him . . . because he wasn’t really following this one. Apparently he has something in common with WCCQ’s Carol McGowan. He made some picks because he knew someone that went to some of the schools. Carol also did this because she has a friend that attends Michigan State, so every year she picks MSU to win the NCAA Tournament!
Greg admitted that a lot of it was luck . . . because some of his picks were based on random stuff like which teams, cities, and coaches he liked better. He also said he looked at the rankings.
And in one interview, he said he picked 13-seed UC Irvine to upset K-State, a 4-seed, just because he has friends out in the Irvine area.
Gregg has a conservative bracket in the final rounds . . . with Gonzaga, a 1-seed, winning it all. So if there aren’t any more upsets, Gregg could be in-line to have the most successful bracket of all-time, if not a perfect bracket OVERALL.
Which would be insane . . . because the odds of that are somewhere between 1-in-46 billion and 1-in-9.2 QUINTILLION.

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