Here’s a way to earn a ton of money this year and be the envy of every one of your Insta-followers. Online luxury shopping site HushHush is looking for a new employee.
The posted gig on the “Amazon for millionaires” claims to be one of the “best jobs in the world,” and it doesn’t even require much in the way of qualifications.
For $1865 a week, the prospective person will review yachts; living, eating, and sleeping onboard for a week at a time. If you can clock in 50, the pay works out to $93,000.
HushHush says nautical experience is “not necessary,” although familiarity would be “beneficial”. More importantly, they need someone over 21, with a valid passport and the ability to take off at a moment’s notice. If you’re interested in more info, here’s the complete story from
What would be your dream job?

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