The Valory Music Co. Thomas Rhett scored a career-defining smash in 2015 when he released “Die a Happy Man,” the autobiographical ode to his relationship with his wife Lauren.

TR’s confessional trend continues on his new album, Center Point Road, which is out today.

On “Dream You Never Had,” the father of two thanks his bride for the sacrifices she’s made so he can pursue the career he loves.

“I think in every marriage, you have to have compromise, and you have to do this weight balance thing, because each of you have to support each other so much,” Thomas Rhett explains. “And that song really is somewhat of an apology and a thank you to Lauren, for just riding out this chaotic lifestyle we call the music business together, because it’s not easy.”

TR recalls that’s something Lauren learned early on.

“The very first year on the road, my wife rode the bus with me for like 175 shows,” he remembers. “And we shared a bunk that was smaller than a twin size bed.”

“And she was the only girl of nine dudes on a bus, trying to figure out ‘Where am I gonna shower today?’ You know, that kind of stuff.”

While Thomas Rhett feels at home in the spotlight, he confesses Lauren likely envisioned “a little bit more of a normal life.”

“But this is the life that the Lord has put in front of us, and we’re gonna get after it and take it day by day and learn from each other everyday,” he vows.

While Thomas Rhett admits “Dream You Never Had” “was really hard for me to write,” ultimately he says he’s “super glad” he did, because he believes his fans “definitely need to hear” it.

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