Today is National Doughnut Day. Here are some of the best deals around for you to make the most out of this day dedicated to doughnuts.

Home Cut Donuts: This doughnut shop in Joliet is giving free doughnuts if visitors who come to their Salvation Army table on the morning of June 7 in front of the store. Those who make a donation will get a coupon for a free donut! All proceeds will help pay for youth in the community to participate in their summer day camp program from ages 5-14.
At Dunkin, you can get a free doughnut when you buy a beverage
Walmart you can stop by the bakery and get a free doughnut

Krispy Kreme: On Friday, customers can can get one free doughnut, no purchase necessary, at Krispy Kreme shops in Homewood, Evergreen Park and Hillside. Doughnut lovers can pick from an original glazed, chocolate iced with sprinkles or a glazed raspberry-filled doughnut.
Hardee’s will you give you their Fruit Loop Mini Doughnuts for free with a purchase.
Finally, since the Salvation Army started the holiday back in 1938, they will be personally delivering doughnuts to areas across the country. There are more, you can check them out here from WGN-TV.

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