MonumentWalker Hayes has tackled a wide variety of topics in his songs. His breakthrough “You Broke Up with Me” dealt with his struggles in the music business. “Craig” was about a friend who helped him out when he needed it, and “90’s Country” name checked his heroes and favorite tunes.

Now, with his new song “Don’t Let Her,” he considers what life would be like for his wife Laney if something happened to him.

“I’m honored to be sharing this powerful and massive song about Laney,” Walker says.

“I was touring in the U.K. missing her and my family terribly so I started texting myself specifics about Laney,” he recalls. “Things that if somebody were to hang out with her, what would they need to know about her.”

“And then it kind of turned into a letter to whoever would take my place if something were to happen to me,” he explains. “That’s what this song is about and I hope you guys can relate in some way.”

Walker’s new single, “Don’t Let Her,” is available to stream or download now. You can also check out its new lyric video on YouTube, which traces Walker and Laney’s relationship through pictures.

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