WCCQ welcomes Maura Myles to Middays, Lisa Jordan new 7pm-Midnight Host

WCCQ will unveil it’s new weekday lineup today. The new additions are Maura Myles from 10a-2pm as WCCQ’s new Midday Host sandwiched between Roy & Carol and Bossman. And Lisa Jordan moving to the night time 7pm-Midnight show. “Mo” has recently worked the same time slot for Star 96.7 for the last 8 years. Maura grew up, here, in Chicago and the north suburbs, with a love of “da Bears,” “da Hox” and, well, “da Sox.” Now in the southwest suburbs, the SIU grad, and her husband, David (Cubs fan), guide their youngest son through grade school, and golf lessons. Maura brings 25 years of experience to WCCQ’s midday show.



Lisa Jordan was introduced to WCCQ listeners back in late March after long-time midday host Geno Brien stepped down to spend more time with his family. Lisa Jordan grew up between the shadows of corn stalks and steel mills in Northwest Indiana, fed on a steady diet of listening to the greats of Chicago radio. They were her heroes! Today Lisa brings her enthusiasm to the evening show starting tonight and every weeknight from 7pm-Midnight.

Brandon Jones will move to a permanent slot on Sunday’s from 9am-2pm.  Geno Brien can be heard Saturdays from 2pm-6pm. We hope you enjoy our new weekday lineup on Today’s Country & the Legends 98.3 WCCQ.