ABC/Image Group LAToday in Riviera Maya, Mexico, Luke Bryan kicks off his fifth annual Crash My Playa fan getaway vacation.

On Thursday, he gets back to work, as he headlines his first show of the year in the Caribbean. Since Luke’s also prepping the second season of American Idol, it raises the question: which is more work — touring or Idol?

“They’re both equally exhausting,” Luke tells ABC Radio, “because touring is physically [exhausting].”

Idol, when we start falling in love with these kids… And with our auditions, we just did three twelve-hour days,” he explains. “It’s like you’re taking the SAT every day.”

“So they both have their deal. They’re both enjoyable, and the time kinda flies by”

The “What Make You Country” hitmaker says when it comes down to it, both of his gigs wear him down in different ways.

“The road tires you out in this way: when you’re running up and down stadiums and doing all that, you wake up the next day and you feel like you ran through a stadium,” he points out.

“And when you’re out on Idol, we notice you get done and you just want a nice glass of wine just to kind of shut your brain off, because you’ve been concentrating for twelve hours on making the right decisions with these kids.”

The second season of American Idol premieres Sunday, March 3 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Luke kicks off his Sunset Repeat Tour May 31 in Philadelphia.

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